Sending the text files by eMail is advantageous for rapid translations and cost estimation. Encrypted communication will ensure confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive data. The translated document will be returned to you in the same way. The hard copy of certified translations will be forwarded by mail. You will find my general terms and conditions for translation orders here.


Translations are calculated on the basis of 55 strokes to a standard line. If the text is available in printed form only, I have to count the number of lines and estimate the costs. If sent as a data file I can calculate the price for the complete translation electronically on the basis of the source text. The target text will be used for calculation of the final price which might be slightly different compared to the source text. The price per line depends on the text type, the degree of difficulty, and the urgency. A lump payment will be charged for the confirmation of translations.


Naturally I will make any effort to translate your documents within the desired time. As soon as I have viewed the text I can give you a binding deadline for the finished translation. I shall confirm your order, indicating the deadline and the approximate price. This ensures to get your translation in due time.


The specific terminology of technical texts is thoroughly investigated for each translation order. In the course of years, a long list of technical terms has been compiled in form of a database which supports and speeds up the translation process. Moreover, I have a complex technical library and, of course, the internet for investigation. In case of regular orders, I shall prepare glossaries of corporate terms which are helpful for the consistent translation of your texts. Company-specific multi-language documentation submitted by you will support the translation process and ensure the use of customary in-house terminology. Please, name a contact person who may give me support on technical issues. This ensures high quality of your documents in the desired language.

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